The Glögglhof

Wine farm with a unique charm in Cornaiano - Appiano

The Glögglhof wine farm was built 500 years ago. Our wine cellar, stables, hay barn, and the spacious residential buildings for the family and workers still give proof of this time.

Today, on our farm we focus on growing fruit and wine. Since 2018, we also welcome guests in our apartments.

We are the Brigl Family: Lorenz and Helga with our children Samuel and Hannah.

Helgas mother rents also apartments. If you want to spend your vacations in Seis, visit the website:

Farm holidays

The former dormitories of maids and farmhands turned into lovingly furnished apartments. According to stories told by the father of Lorenz, this house was once called "Stöckl" - the auxiliary building. If the thick walls in the Stöckl were able to speak, what stories would they tell?

Helga is looking after our guests. Upon request she will deliver a breakfast box right to your apartment door. The box is filled with many home-made products. Whenever our berries and fruit do not grow according to our expectations due to the weather conditions, we purchase products from other South Tyrolean farmers. Boxes with coffee and cake or a traditional South Tyrolean afternoon snack - let us surprise you with our offers.

We are also pleased to show you how we work on our farm. Hike through the orchards with us and observe how the apples mature in the sun. Take a look at our own garden, and find out how a small seed becomes a tasty pumpkin. Observing nature means finding inner peace and quiet - try it!

Growing wine

Lorenz look after our vines with great care throughout the year. Only excellent grapes will result in an excellent wine. Harvest takes place in September and October. We start with the white grapes, and harvest the grapes for the heavy red wines at the very end.

This period is a very hard time for us. Once the ideal maturity of grapes is reached, they have to be harvested dry and quickly. If the weather is not on our side during these days, the hard work of a full year can be destroyed at the last moment. Sometimes, during this period, the atmosphere at the farm is tense, but after work, this turns into satisfaction and joy.

In earlier years, we have stored the grapes in our cellars. Today, we store them in the cellars of the Cornaiano Winery Association.

Fruit growing

Lorenz is looking after our apples. Throughout the year, he pampers and cares for the apples. Depending on the season, there is always other work coming up. In spring, he has to make sure to protect the delicate apple blossoms from the cold. We fight frost with water. When there are minus temperatures during night time, Lorenz has to leave his warm bed to activate the frost protection.

His work in summer is rewarded with the best of fruit in autumn. We produce apples of all colours. Depending on the variety, the apples mature at different times. Hence, harvest lasts from August to November. The whole family and seasonal workers support us in the harvest.

Finally, the apples are delivered to the Fruchthof Fruit Association in Oltradige. They organise everything it needs for the apple to land on your table at home.

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